CabGurgaon’s core business is to provide full service Car Rental to business users and the public sector. As a local company we know that the situation and needs for companies and individuals. A standardized approach might exceed the expectations of one market but fall short of the expectations of another. Therefore, we help you choose the right solution that meets your needs, locally.

For Corporate Car Rental

Employee Transportation Solutions

We feel it is imperative to create a user friendly transport facility which is quality driven and yet will have cost and speed advantages. Whatever be the type of your business, CabGurgaon has a solution that exclusively meets all employee transportation needs with safety, punctuality and efficiency.


  1. A wide variety of vehicles to choose from
  2. Well-maintained fleet of vehicles
  3. Vehicle compliance to the requisite safety standards
  4. Comprehensive Insurance on all vehicles
  5. Transport solutions for Fleet Management


Overall Objective- Efficiency, Effectiveness and Passenger Safety


  1. 24*7 Operations to match yours.
  2. Multitude no. of shift timings can be catered to.
  3. Ability and Experience to manage the entire cycle of logistics- Seamless operations to an effective MIS system
  4. Professional Attitude and handling of users


As per our experience, the transport needs of a 24 hrs. BPO /KPO centre have quite a varied flexibility in-built in their operations, i.e. there can be multitude number of shift timings which need to be catered to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This can have further flexibility of shifts at random and at very short notices.

Meeting this level of requirement calls for specialized prior exposure with professional attitude to all facets of such services.


For Individual

CabGurgaon offers a complete spectrum of Chauffeur Drive Services, to take care of all your personal and business requirements. These are the following categories based on which chauffer driven rental car services:-


Airport transfer

There is a fixed price if the customer wants to be picked up from the airport and needs to be dropped off some place within the same city. For Delhi like cities which have different domestic and international airport, the charges for the transfer from domestic airport might be different than those for international airport.


Local Trip/Within City use

If the customer needs a car for local use, the car service is provided for full day (8hrs/80kms). Any extra hour and extra km is charged at the rate applicable for that car.


Outstation Trip/Out of City use Both way

If the customer needs the car to make an outstation trip to another city, the customer would be charged the round trip irrespective of whether the customer returns to the city or not.

In case of multiple outstation trips, if the trip does not end in the city from where it started, extra kms equivalent to the distance between the cities where the trip ended to the city where it started would be charged.

If the trip involves the night stay (out of the city from where the trip started) for the chauffeur, there will be night charges for each such night. The night charges would vary based on the city from where the trip started as well as the type of the car.


Outstation Trip/Out of City use One way

If the customer needs the car to make an outstation trip to another city for drop only, the customer would be charged fixed amount at cheaper rate according to type of car.


Lease a Car

Cab Gurgaon fully maintained lease allows you to enjoy the luxury of driving while you divert your money for better use .When leasing a vehicle, the lessee signs a contract with the lessor for the use of a vehicle, subject to stated terms and limitations, for a specified period, a specified number of kilometers and at a specified payment.


There are two basic forms of leasing :-

  1. Chaffer Driven
  2. Self Driven


What Cab Gurgaon Lease can do for you?

  1. No heavy outlay
  2. Free choice of manufacturer, car model and level of motorisation
  3. Conserve lines of credit
  4. Guaranteed replacement minimizes downtime
  5. Save on high cost of vehicle maintenance
  6. Classification of company car as an expense rather than an asset
  7. Reduce paperwork and administrative expenses involved in fleet ownership
  8. Avoid obsolescence or old model
  9. Avoid disposal loss
  10. Flexibility at the end of the contract
  11. Zero risk on depreciation cost
  12. Motor insurance coverage and Road Tax included


Throughout the lease period, Cab Gurgaon undertake full maintenance and servicing, all road tax and insurance matters, provide replacement vehicles during servicing or accident repairs, fuel management services and at the end of the term, a hassle free service.


Self Drive-Coming Soon

Cab Gurgaon also offers Self Drive rentals with minimum monthly and yearly rental options.

Easy and convenient to hire a self driven car from Cab Gurgaon from its wide range of brand new fleet of cars from Economy to Sports Utility Vehicles. The fleet range comprises of makes of vehicles from Hyundai( Santro/i10), Chevrolet (Spark/Optra) Suzuki ( Ritz/Swift), Ford ( Fiesta, Endeavor), Toyota (Corolla/ Innova) etc.


Terms & Conditions :

Minimum Age

24 Years

Additional driver

Rs 400-700 per Rental (Age and License requirements must be met)


Credit Card and Passport mandatory for all self drive rentals

Driving License

Renter must possess a valid driving license held for minimum 1 year

Delivery/  Collection

Available within city limits @ Rs 250/- one way


Not included in the rates. Cars are delivered & returned with a full tank. If car is not returned with a full tank then cost of fuel and a 10% surcharge will be charged.


Interstate Tax, Toll etc to be borne by renter. Service Tax & other levies apply on gross rental charges as per Government Rulings.


Available from our nearest Rental Station in case of breakdown.


Full Estimated Rental Charges, final amount is charged after rental.

Extra Day

Hours in excess of 4 would be charged as one full day rent.

Other Terms

Missing or lost accessories and tools would be charged extra


All rentals are subject to Terms & Conditions as mentioned in Rental Agreement


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